Friday, May 21, 2010

Proud Mother!!!!

I have to brag a little bit....last night was the awards ceremony at my daughter's middle school.  She just finished her 6th grade year and I am oh so proud of her.  She had straight A's the whole year!!! (She didn't get the smarts from her mom...hehe).  She received an award for making principal's honor roll all 4 semesters, a certificate for Art and a certificate for Health/P.E.   WOW!!!!  I'm so proud of her...congrats Ashlyn!!!!  You are now officially a 7th grader.....SCARY!!!!!

My 10 year old son Trey plays travel baseball and we were up in Summerville, SC for a tournament.....we travel quite a bit every weekend and can play up to 3 games a day during the tournaments....that's alot of baseball for a 10 year old but he loves it.  We won the tournament and it was our first tournament this season to come in first....the boys were so excited...we won every game in the bottom of the 6th inning...that's little league for you :) I was so proud of him...
I love my children and am so proud of their accomplishments!!!

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