Tuesday, May 25, 2010

New Stamp Room Complete!!!!!!

I am so excited to say that my craft room is finally finished!!! I am ecstatic about the results.   I would not have been able to do it without the help of my good friends LaMuir and Shalae.  We started digging out last week...sorry I didn't take a picture of the room before but let me just say......DISASTER AREA!!!.  I was using this area as another attic...christmas decorations, old craft products from "other" companies and lots of garbage.....LaMuir and I had a blast tossing garbage out the window down into the garbage can!!!!  LaMuir was precise with every throw...hehe.  It was a miracle that I finally could see enough floor to vacuum.  Drum roll please.........Isn't it great?!  This is the view from coming up the steps.  I cannot believe I haven't used this space all along.   

Here is a few of my workspace area.  The buffet along is brand new!!  There is a great store in Savannah called Nadeau and they have some great replica antique furniture.  The color of the piece is a mellow moss hue and works perfectly for what I need.   The bookcase comes from Walmart.  Not the best but for $15 it works and it will do the trick.  I have all my stamp sets on the bottom two shelves.  I am going to order the stamp pad carousel in my next order (June 1st so I can get a copy of the new catalog).  So for now the stamp pads are on the shelf.  I have already put them in their new families and will be ordering the rest of the new colors when they are available....It's a great time to be a demonstator!!!!  There is alot of buzz about what is in the new catalog and I know one of my fellow demonstrators is getting hers tomorrow because she recruited in the month of March and April.....lucky girl!!!!!

        Here is another view from the other side of the room....I finally have a place to put my big shot.  This is a chest that has draws in it for all of my craft supplies.  The bottom draw is a file drawer that fits my 12x12 DSP and cardstock.   I am really pleased with the way it all came together.  Hope you enjoyed the pix!!!                           

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