Saturday, July 24, 2010

Convention Highlights

Wow has it been a crazy three days...I feel bad that I haven't posted pictures from convention like I here are a few and when I can figure out how to post a link to my album, I will let you know.  This picture is what the stage looks like.  It is UNBELIEVABLE.  They have some amazing artists working for them that created the set.  I love the tag they made and the wood stamp blocks.  The curved tunnel you see is actually designer paper rolled....this picture doesn't do it justice....
This next picture is a photo op picture....During lunch, Shelli usually sits here and takes photos with demonstrators but when it is not in use, you can take a photo there....pictured with me are demonstrators who are in my family.  They come from North and South Carolina.  They are a great group of women and I love being with them during convention.  

I will be posting more pictures once convention is over.  I have learned so much and I'm trying to process it all.......I love working for this company!!!!!

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