Monday, November 15, 2010

It's the Hap, Happiest Time of the Year!!!!!

 This is the most exciting time of the year for me....I love the house has been decorated since September with Halloween, converted November 1st to Thanksgiving and Thanksgiving weekend the Christmas decorating will commence.   But before I start decorating for Christmas, I need to start CREATING.  Remember that word?  In this economy, handmade gifts and cards are making a comeback.  Not that they have ever gone away, but it's getting back to connecting to the relationships that we hold dear in our hearts that are so important, especially this time of year. 

My passion for creating a gift or card for someone special in my life is that once I see that reaction on their face, it makes the work all the worthwhile.  When I tell people what my passion is, they say that it's because you are so creative.  Not true, I am given the tools to become creative and it makes me so proud of myself to know that I love what I do and love to share my passion.   Wouldn't you love to show the ones you love by creating a gift or card and seeing the great expressions on their faces when they see how much care you put into your creation........and to reward yourself by saying "I can do it.....and I love it!"  It just takes one class or workshop to get on the band wagon and better time to do it is right now.

 Wouldn't you love to create this house and have it on your mantle to show off?  Or have handmade decorations and ornaments on your tree like this may look at these projects and say that they are so difficult....but guess what?   They are so easy and I would love to help you.....Stampin' Up! has several promotions going on right I posted earlier that we have the holiday bundles promotion....we have bundles several products together to help you start creating for the Holidays.   And the best part is that we also have directions and ideas to help you create them.   The greatest thing that Stampin' Up! gives to their customers is to share what we love and they never leave you hanging.....directions and samples galore!!!!!!!

Today kicked off the 50% off the starter my last post I explained in length what joining Stampin' Up! is all about.  If you have ever wanted to see what the buzz is all about in creating cards and gifts, now is the time to find out.  Everything that you see in the above picture is everything you will receive if you decide to join our passion.  The best part that not only will you receive everything you need to get started, you will also be connected with other people who love and share the same passion that you do.   Stampin' Up! demonstrators are connected to a wealth of information and instructions on how to create beautiful, yet simple cards and also handmade gifts that will having everyone buzzing.....I really suggest that you go onto the SU! website and see what we have to offer....also go onto my website and explore all what the company is offering right now for the holidays.....if after seeing everything still doesn't get you excited.....just come over to my house and make a card or gift with me.  If you have something in mind that you would like to see or do, my door is always open.....I would love for you to see what makes me so happy!!!!!!!

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Cindy said...

Beautiful house!!! Well done! #271 following from Stampin Connection.